Trial Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

You bought insurance to protect you. You suffered water damage at your home, business, rental property, or vacation home, but your insurance company is not helping you.

With offices in Farmington and Waterbury, we represent people throughout Connecticut who are being treated unfairly by their insurance companies. If you have had a water loss and are not being treated properly, call us.

We guide our clients through every part of the loss, from the very beginning to the very end, whether that means settlement, negotiations, arbitration, appraisal, mediation, or trial. When you need candid, experienced attorneys, call us.

The Candid Advice You Need

We have been protecting our clients' rights for more than three decades. Our years of experience and insight help you understand and protect your rights.

Water damage can result from many mishaps. Call us if you have suffered:

  • Roof collapses
  • Freezing
  • Mold
  • Loss of business
  • Floor damage

Working with us means you are working with a law firm known by the insurance companies. They know us, not just for our commitment to honesty and accuracy, but also for our commitment to your rights all the way through trial.

In fact, we begin preparing your case for trial from the very beginning of your case. We do not wait to see if a negotiated settlement can be reached, first. Instead, our success in the courtroom makes it possible in many cases to get the fair treatment you want without having to go to trial.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation With Us

Learn more about how the lawyers of Isaac Law Offices, LLC, can help you get the fair treatment you deserve. Call us to schedule an initial consultation: 860-255-7118. You can also reach us online.