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Fight back against bad-faith insurance tactics

In cases of bad-faith insurance claims, victims of damage to their homes or injuries from car crashes are left fighting with their insurance carriers in hopes of getting the benefits they were supposed to be entitled to. It's the sad truth that many companies try to avoid paying out what their clients are owed.

Why do companies do this? They're hoping to be able to cut costs and make a greater profit. However, if you're owed a payout, they should not be trying to avoid it. Doing so is acting in bad faith and can result in a lawsuit.

A bad faith insurance claim can help you recover your losses

It's something most people fear: Seeking a claim from insurance only to be told you can't or don't qualify for the amount you need. The reality is that your insurance carrier is obligated to be fair with you up to the amount of your coverage. Your insurer has to provide you with a fair offer within a reasonable amount of time and should take your claim seriously.

Sadly, not all insurance companies handle claims fairly. Some try to make offers that are so low they're insulting, expecting consumers to take the money because it's so badly needed. As someone who has been injured, the last thing you want to do is to take money that you need only to find out that your claim was worth much more.

Can an insurance company reject my claim?

Bad-faith insurance claims are a significant problem for consumers. They exist only because the insurance company does not want to pay out what it has expressly stated that it would given the correct circumstances.

People pay for insurance to make sure they're prepared for the unexpected in life. They pay for car insurance to protect against injury costs and damages to their vehicles in a collision. They pay for home insurance to cover losses in house fires or other situations. Insurance companies that take your money are supposed to provide benefits to you if those events take place.

Recognize bad faith insurance practices

There are many tactics that insurance companies could use to attempt to avoid paying a claim. These are not legal, and they are not fair to consumers.

As someone who has a valid claim to file, you deserve fair treatment from your insurance company. You also need to know when you're not being treated fairly. Being able to recognize when the insurance company is violating your rights is essential so that you can protect yourself and get the coverage and payments you need when you deserve them.

Protect yourself against bad-faith insurance practices

Every day, there are people who get hurt or who turn in insurance claims only to be denied. They meet every qualification for the claim to be approved yet they aren't. The insurance company drags out the claim, takes its sweet time to respond and leaves the victim little choice but to start paying for bills out of their own pockets.

Bad-faith insurance claims are a significant problem for consumers. When you pay into insurance, it's with the notion that you'll receive a payout if you meet the necessary requirements. If your house burns down, you'd expect your home insurance to cover it. If you crash your car, you want to be paid out in accordance with the car insurance terms.

What should you do to make a bad-faith insurance claim?

You were in a car crash, and you were immediately sent to the hospital. You took time to recover, but you also made sure that your insurance agent was aware of the situation.

You carry underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage because of the concern that other drivers won't have the insurance they need. This time, that worked in your favor, because the driver wasn't insured. The only problem is that your insurance company isn't returning your calls, and every call you get seems to be dropped before you get any answers.

Get to know why your insurance company is acting in bad faith

It is important for insurance companies to hold up their end of the contract you make with them. They are required to pay out for claims that meet with the requirements that they've set and you've agreed upon. Delaying investigations or reviews is a tactic used to make those who file a claim stop pushing for a resolution, but that's not something that you should let get in your way.

Insurance companies who use tactics like delaying your claim to get you to stop filing are breaking the law. It is your right to file a claim; after all, you pay the insurance company to cover you in situations like the one you're in now.

You have a right to appeal if your claim is denied

There are some things that your car insurance company may not want you to know, like the fact that you can fight a denied claim or that it can attempt to drag out a claim to get you to forget about it.

The reality is that every insurance company agrees, in good faith, that it will pay a claim if the time comes. However, if you get hurt and your insurance company doesn't want to pay, that can be a significant problem.

What is an unreasonable delay for paying an insurance claim?

If an insurer does not want to pay out for a claim, one of the tactics the company may use is creating an unreasonable delay. When experiencing an unreasonable delay, a person may actually give up on the claim since they're dealing with so many other problems in their personal life.

The trouble is that the insurance company is hoping that the individual will give up on the claim because of the delays. If they do, then the insurance company doesn't have to pay out. This is against the law, though, which is something all people with insurance should know.

Bad-faith insurance claims help you get compensated

Imagine that you purchase a car insurance policy that says it will pay out $10,000 for injuries in a crash. To you, it meant that it was $10,000 per person. However, after you crashed with a passenger in tow, you discovered that the $10,000 was the total for everyone in the crash, not just you or your passenger separately.

In this case, it may be a situation involving a misunderstanding, but it could also be a mistake in verbiage. It's worth discussing the potential of this becoming a bad faith claim with your attorney

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