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Business Purchases

We can assist you with your asset purchase, business acquisition and sale, leasing, franchising, and business finance.

We work on behalf of a wide range of businesses and have assisted clients in the purchase, sale, financing, and governance of the following:

  • Threaded insert and manufacturing company
  • Medical supply and pharmaceutical company
  • Contract nursing company
  • Electrical contracting company
  • New home and home improvement company
  • Delicatessen, restaurant, and grocery company
  • Barber shop and hair salon company
  • Donut and sub franchises
  • Florist business
  • Business acquisition company
  • Condominium consultant company
  • Land surveying firm
  • Investment and mortgage company
  • Antique business
  • Laundromat company

We also partner with other professionals who can assist you in getting your business off the ground, securing necessary financing, and dealing with common issues business owners face. We combine our legal knowledge gained over 30 years of practice with a common sense approach to problem solving and an extensive network of other professionals with a similarly can-do attitude.

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